2008 / 2 August

Reddit & Digg Launch Mobile Versions

In July of 2008, both Reddit and Digg launched their new mobile sections at and

With the rising popularity of web browsing, social media news sites, and iPhones, a mobile section is fast becoming a feature every good social communities must have.

Twitter also has a mobile version at (Once I visited the mobile page for Twitter, I had to clear my cache to get back to the regular twitter page).

Other Social Community Mobile Pages:


If you are aware of any other social communities that have launched mobile pages please comment below.

  • Hey thanks! I may include some of these links in my mobile site now 😛 I’m surprised there’s 96 diggs and I’m the first to comment… Wow.

  • Here are a few social-related mobile sites we’ve profiled at – aggregates all the popular stories from many of the largest social media sites. – short for “Mobile Life”, lets you get your Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, or FriendFeed messages sent straight to your mobile phone via SMS. – stay connected with the local entertainment scene. Includes many social networking features.

    And there are plenty of mobile services around Twitter – too many to mention in one comment!

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