Google Kills the Google Directory

If you happen to actually use the Google Directory, or just like to stay up on random Google news, then you will be interested to know that it is gone.

7 20 2011 10 40 22 AM 460x290 Google Kills the Google Directory picture

I always used the BOTW Directory anyhow, but figured I was share what I found.

Also, if you happen to work a lot on Google Apps accounts and regular Google Accounts, then you will notice they finally fixed the log-in issues where you could be logged into both at the same time on different tabs. I personally really enjoyed being logged into both, but it did cause some issues with Google Docs when opening links from emails with your default browser taking over.


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  1. @John_Lessnau on July 20th, 2011 11:47 am

    I did not know people actually use BOTW for anything other than using it to get a decent backlinks.

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