2012 / 18 May

Introducing Kairay Media


I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I was going back to being a boutique social media consultancy, and this week I launched the site for Kairay Media, our new company.

Over the 6 months, I have spent a large majority of my time improving our content marketing system, creating our infographic creation system, and developing our social ads offering. Much of this has been me really pouring everything I have learned over the last 6 years into my team of young, sharp, social media marketers, who have really come to amaze and impress me.

If you haven’t checked out the site, please do so, but be gentle as we are still finishing some minor changes and etc.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and our RSS, as in a week or two the team and myself will begin publishing articles daily around social media, infographics, and social ads.

  • PrimeOutsourcing / July 30, 2012 AT 3:16 PM

    Hi there. Kairay Media is a great concept! You are very dedicated in marketing.. I hope more sites will be in your project. Let's make Internet a better marketing place! :) I should spread this to everyone..