2013 / 15 November

We Are Gods Now by Jason Silva


I do not know how I had never seen anything put out by Jason Silva before today, but a friend of mine Jake Filan, who is forced to listen to me ramble on about my theories on the future of society and technology, as they continue to emerge and how our adaptation and advancement rate is increasing far faster than most people realize, share this amazing video with me today by Jason Silva called We Are Gods Now.

I have never been more moved by a video, in part because he is talking about so many elements that I have been considering and never had the right words or background to explain, but also because I am personally ecstatic about the future we are driving into so fast.

Please take the time to watch this video, as Jason is really on to something and delivers his message in a truly stirring manner. As he would say it is Mindgasmic.

You can find more videos through the Shots of Awe YouTube Channel.

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