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12+ Million Views and Counting.. How Content Marketing Goes Viral

I have spoken for years about the merits of using content marketing to help quality content get a lot of visibility, social signals, and possibly go viral. Recently I wrote an article about the success that content marketing can have, explaining that even with the decline of Digg, which was one of the largest social […]

SMX West and Back to the Brain Share

I took the entire year off from conferences in 2011, so that I could focus exclusively on improving and expanding our content promotion capabilities and offerings. During that time, there have been some pretty massive changes in the social media space, specifically around content marketing (aka social promotion). You have probably noticed that I am […]

2012: A New Year and A New Direction

I have spent a lot of time thinking over the last 6 months… …about how I got into online marketing to begin with, how it evolved quickly to a focus on social media marketing, and how much I love it. …about starting my own company, then co-founding Alpha Brand Media and later also co-founding BlueGlass. […]

7 Ways of Social Media Sharing

Leading up to the holidays, which were quite wonderful for me (thanks for asking), I did a quick interview for CopyPress’ blog, which I just wanted to toss up a link to on the chance you might be interested in reading it. 7 Ways of Sharing Featuring Brent Csutoras Enjoy 😉