Introducing Kairay Media


I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I was going back to being a boutique social media consultancy, and this week I launched the site for Kairay Media, our new company. Over the 6 months, I have spent a large majority of my time improving our content marketing system, creating our infographic creation […]

Reddit Gets a CEO, Kills Site Search, and Adds ‘All’ View


Reddit, one of the largest social aggregation sites on the web, has been making a few changes as of late. JD Rucker wrote an interesting post early 2011 questioning whether Conde Nast even knew what they had in Reddit and if they were in effect holding Reddit back from really growing. Later in September of 2011, Reddit […]

LinkedIn Boot Camp (Infographic)


Although I have found LinkedIn’s ad system a bit of a disappointment, I am still a fan of the site in general. So when I saw this infographic that Mindflash put out, I had to share it with you all too. Click on the graphic below to see a larger version if you are unable […]

12+ Million Views and Counting.. How Content Marketing Goes Viral

3-25-2012 6-16-34 PM

I have spoken for years about the merits of using content marketing to help quality content get a lot of visibility, social signals, and possibly go viral. Recently I wrote an article about the success that content marketing can have, explaining that even with the decline of Digg, which was one of the largest social […]

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