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  1. Every new user fans you within a day of joining Digg.
  2. Everyone asks you to check out (aka submit) their posts.
  3. You have had at least one person try to make a duplicate of your account just to succeed.
  4. You are recognized from your Digg icon and name on other social communities.
  5. You have at least one Digg employee on IM.
  6. You get free Digg Swag.
  7. You can submit a story that was already submitted 3 hours ago and yours is the one that goes to the front page.
  8. You have at least one stalker that comments on every single submission you make.
  9. You end up on Moojj’s Site.
  10. Kevin Rose is your mutual friend or fan.
  11. You only list your Yahoo IM because you really don’t care who has it.
  12. You were shocked when you found out MrBabyMan had a job, wife and kid.
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