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Brent Csutoras is a social media strategist, entrepreneur, futurist and father, with over a decade working in online marketing, specifically around social media marketing, content marketing, social content creation, and business coaching.

Brent speaks regularly at some of the largest and well known conferences, such as SMX, Pubcon, SES, and InfoPresse.

He has also been mentioned in Diversity Journal, EcommerceTimesForbes, Wired, Health, and interviewed for Entrepreneur.com, and was recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2008 and 2009.

Brent was awarded a SEMMY for his article on ‘How To Create Compelling Social Media Profiles‘ and continues to write for a variety of sites such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Kairay Media, and occasionally here on this site.

Brent owns and operates a social media firm named Kairay Media, as well as acting as Chief Social Media Strategist for Alpha Brand Media and Pixel Road Designs, which is one of the leading Infographic and Social Media design firms.



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Professional Speaking:

SMX Social, December 2012
SMX Advanced, June 2012
SMX West, March 2012
Affiliate Summit, August 2009

SMX Advanced, June 2009
IM Spring Break, April 2009
SMX West, Feb 2009
Social Media Club SF/SV – Jan 2009
Pubcon Las Vegas 2008
SES San Jose 2008
Infopresse Montreal 2008
SMX Social Media – Long Beach – April 2008
SMX West- Feb 2008
Pubcon Las Vegas – Dec 2007
SMX Social Media NYC – Oct 2007

Radio Shows:

TheSpew, Episode 11
Webmasters on the Roof on Social Media – Dec 2, 2007 (Starts in German but is mostly English)
Rush Hour show on Digg Shouting – Oct 31, 2007
SEO-101 show on Social Media and Linkbait Part 2 of 2 – Oct 31, 2007
SEO-101 show on Social Media and Linkbait Part 1 of 2 – Oct 29, 2007
Good Karma show on Digg Revolt – May 3, 2007
Good Karma show on Social Media – Jan 18, 2007



“I’ve worked with Brent on several client projects over the last two years. I can strongly recommend his work, based on my personal experience and the results he has achieved for our clients. Brent is a master of viral content development and promotion. He does an excellent job of clearly explaining complex strategies to clients/prospects in a way that they can understand. Viral marketing is often misunderstood, and marketer’s expectations aren’t always realistic. Regardless, Brent is patient in his approach. He is able to illustrate the multi-dimensional value of content promotion, while remaining pragmatic and setting realistic expectations. He is not an “order-taker” that is afraid to push back when a client idea doesn’t make sense based on their goals. He does a great job of teasing out the ultimate objectives of a project, and proposing an ideal solution. He backs that up with a strong work ethic, proven tactics, and effective results.”

John Faris, Red Door Interactive

“Brent is one of the few professionals I’ve met who is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of internet marketing, and understands each area inside and out.

It’s not rare to meet people who know a lot about a little; but it IS rare to meet someone like Brent who truly understands how to leverage and adapt in every space he works in. He’s also always willing to lend you a helping hand when needed and is pretty worldly to boot. :)”

Selena Narayanasamy, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

“Brent is one of those rare people you encounter in business. Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk – and boy does he do that well.

Perhaps the best way to describe Brent is like a world-class chess player, he is always 20 steps ahead of everyone else. Whilst all of his competitors are looking in one direction, Brent has built Blueglass into the world’s leading digital firm: not in terms of size, but in terms of service. Practically all of the world’s most powerful people in social media and SEO gravitate towards him, meaning that he can leverage those contacts to benefit clients.”

Chris Ingham Brooke, Founder/CEO, Environmental Graffiti Network

“Brent is definitely one of the sharpest minds in the social media space. If you are looking for a hard working guy with a ton of creativity to handle your social projects, he’s your man.”

Greg Boser, 3 Dog Media

“There are only a handful of people that I would feel comfortable recommending for social media marketing services – Brent is definitely one of those people. He gets it and gets results….”

Chris Winfield, 10e20, LLC

“Brent worked on some of our social media strategy, and took some sites that were borderline failures and turned them into well positioned web properties that have seen dramatic growth. If you need social media and links Brent is THE guy to talk to.”

Aaron Wall, SEOBook

“I worked with Brent of a few social media projects and he knows what he’s doing and how to get the job done. He is definitely someone I can recommend working with.”

Michael Gray, Atlas Web Service

“Brent knows social media, and will later be recognized as a veteran of this online marketing sport. He is both confident and passionate about his skills with SEO and SMO, and knows the social space as well or better than anyone I’ve met. If you want someone top notch to work on your social campaigns, Brent is your man. I speak from experience – don’t go with someone cheap and pay twice – pony up the dough, and pay for someone you can trust that will do it right the first time. Brent has helped me on several of my own projects, and I would absolutely recommend him without a doubt to any of my closest friends or family. Beyond being good at what he does, he’s a pretty down to earth, cool guy as well.”

Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl.com

“Having spoken at many of our Search Marketing Expo (SMX) events, Brent is consistently one of our highest rated speakers. The knowledge he brings and the information he presents is consistently timely, relevant, and top-notch. His reputation as one of the most authoritative marketers in the space is well earned, as is his reputation for being honest, direct and approachable.”

Michelle Robbins, Third Door Media

“You won’t find a more knowledgeable or creative person in the social media space than Brent Csutoras. From strategy, to development, to implementation, he can do it all. I’ve hired Brent for my own projects, and recommended him to clients. No question: Brent Csutoras is an Internet marketing professional of the highest caliber.”

Scott Smith, ClientSide SEM

“Brent is by far one of the smartest minds in Social Media Marketing and extremely smart Internet Marketer, in general. His great work ethic, knowledge, and ability to gain visibility for an organizations content make him an obvious choice when looking for a marketer. Personally, he has provided me tons of insight to techniques, tactics, and even ideas for variety of topics.”

Tony Adam, Yahoo

“Brent knows his stuff (I would put him in the top 5 of his field), and he will do whatever he can do make sure that you’re getting the results you expect. When we worked with Brent, he always kept us informed of what was happening and kept great track of the results from the campaigns. We’d use Brent again in a heartbeat.”

Ben Huh, I Can Has Cheezburger?

“Brent really has his finger on the pulse of the Social Media beat. He knows what makes influencers tick, and he will help you generate an impressive amount of buzz, visibility, as well as incoming links, for your website in a very short amount of time. He’s sharp, professional, and diligent. I recommend him highly.”

David Mihm, DavidMihm.com

“Brent is a great resource for me when it comes to social media. His knowledge and advice on the topic is not only informative, but impressive as well.”

Barbara Boser, 3 Dog Media

“I’ve heard Brent at speaking engagements and he is a thought leader in the social media industry. He is friendly and engaging and is a pleasure to work with when collaborating on projects.”

Brian Wallace, NowSourcing, Inc.

“I’ve only known Brent a short time, but since our initial meeting his insights to the SEO and social media industries have proven to be invaluable. He is well-spoken, driven, intelligent and well-connected. Each of those attributes makes him a powerhouse among other highly reputable Internet marketers. On a number of occasions I’ve consulted with Brent with very favorable returns. I would recommend his work to any client or friend, but to be honest wish I could keep him a secret as the world is only so big!”

Rhea Drysdale, MPS Group

“Brent has come through each time I have used his services and I will continue to use his services in the future. He is an expert in his field and will provide straight-forward, candid feedback.”

Nik Froehlich, Clickbrand

“When it comes to knowing whats going on in the world of Social Media Optimization, Brent Csutoras is the one of the very few people we turn to for help. Brent is also one of the few people in the Internet Marketing industry who maintains exceptionally high integrity.”

Adam Sussman, Onesock Web Marketing

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