If you are like me, then you have probably seen about every sort of advertising there is to offer on a website. Although there are some really annoying ones, like the in text mouse-over ads or the dreaded screen full of popup ads that can never quite close, for the most part we have learned to accept advertising as a whole.

Whether you call it Ad Blinders or just acceptance, we have learned to accept the 728×90 in the header and the 300×250 that is off to the side.

What I have yet to really become accustomed to though, is Audio Ads.

I remember when people used to put midi files on the website to play music when you arrived. It was so annoying to be scared to death as I was searching the web half asleep at 2 in the morning or to be at work ‘not surfing the web’ and getting busted by Beethoven.

Then came my first experience with Audio ads… when I moused over a little banner with animated Smileys and had it scream Yipee! at me.

So whenever I have been approached to run audio ads, I had always said Hell No!… but then Video advertising came along.

Video advertising has been shown to be quite effective and so I have been seeing more and more networks offering Video ads that, unfortunately, all auto play. However, with some of the recent networks I have been presented with the video’s audio has been set rather low. So low actually, that I had to turn my speakers up to verify it was actually playing audio at all.

So I am curious what people think about Video ads that auto play with audio? Are they ok if they only play low audio?

I asked the same question on Twitter today and got quite a few responses:

So what do you think?

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