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So out of the blue about a week ago i got pinged asking if i was still in San Francisco. Upon confirmation i was asked if i would like to come to Digg’s office in San Francisco and bring a friend to help test upcoming features for

Needless to say i grabbed my buddy Todd Malicoat and confirmed we would attend and pilfer their offices for hidden secrets… or umm test their new features.

I have to admit i am kind of excited to go and see what they have going on. I was made to swear not to reveal anything that i see while on my visit but…

Anyhow me and Todd got our emails today and we will be off to the social media mecha tomorrow. Wish us luck and pray we make it out with out accounts intact.

Thanks for agreeing to come to our San Francisco office to talk about some of the new things we’ve been working on. Your input will help us shape some of our upcoming features that millions of Digg users will experience in the near future.Besides that, we’ll have nice helpings of drinks, food and technology to keep you excited. You’ll have our gratitude and XXXXXXXX.

Please don’t forward this invitation to others – yes, you’re that special!


Where: Digg’s San Francisco office
San Francisco, CA

If you find that you can’t make it, please let us know as soon as possible so we have some time to fill your spot with someone else.


The Digg Crew

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