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I mentioned in a recent post called “Little Social Media Marketer on the Way” that I was expecting a baby boy soon. In the post I had also put together a little Reddit onesie just for fun.

I had shown the image to my friend Alexis at Reddit and he mentioned that they had been meaning to put together some designs and make Reddit gear in kids sizes.

A few days ago when we were chatting, Alexis mentioned that he had finished the mock-up for the new Reddit gear for babies and that my son, Chase, could be the first Baby Redditor.

Here is the design for the new Reddit onesies that will be available for purchase from the Reddit store in about 3 weeks.


The onesies, made by American Apparel, will be gray and available in three different sizes; 0-3, 6-12, and 18-24 months.

There is also going to be a little something special about each and every onesie they sell, but I promised I would not mention it until Reddit announces the baby line of Reddit gear on their blog.

I am really thrilled to have Chase be the first Baby Redditor and once we have received the new Reddit onesie, we will put some pictures up so everyone can see what they look like.

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