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Earlier this month I wrote an article detailing 5 examples of how social media was invading traditional media.

I really enjoyed researching the article and seeing how companies are starting to use social media communities as a way of filtering their content and coming up with the most popular and interesting material, to then use on either their main online platforms or in some cases in their offline more traditional media avenues.

The the article we detail the following examples of social media invading traditional media:

  1. Chris Winfield’s use of Twitter to write his presentation which he presented at SES Toronto on whether Twitter was a waste of time or a great tool.
  2. Reddit’s project with PBS to create a television show called “YourWeek“, which would showcase popular stories from
  3. Revision3 is an internet television station which can be viewed offline in various situations including when you watch your entertainments system on all Virgin America flights.
  4. Current TV is a social media site where the top story each hour is added to short television show which is broadcast internationally on Directv, Dish Network, Comcast, Time Warner, and more.
  5. CNN initially launched iReport which allowed anyone to act as a reporter and have their new stories seen and recently they launched Rick Sanchez Direct, which has Rick Sanchez uses Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace to connect directly with users to discuss current news live.

Take a few minutes and check out “How Social Media Is Invading Traditional Media” and please comment below if you have other examples of social media invading traditional media that I missed.

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