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Google’s Love / Hate Relationship With Affiliates

It is clear that Google has a strong Love / Hate relationship with Affiliates, which typically boils down to whether you are using their services and how large a volume you are generating in sales. Here is a really interesting Infographic that Aaron Wall put out, which details some of the love, and of course […]

Still Need an Invite to Google Plus?

I noticed a few days back that Google+ updated their invitation options and showed now that there was a limited number of invitations remaining for each user. I thought this was interesting because of the fact that we had unlimited invites before. When I went to invite someone today I noticed they are now offering […]

Google Kills the Google Directory

If you happen to actually use the Google Directory, or just like to stay up on random Google news, then you will be interested to know that it is gone. I always used the BOTW Directory anyhow, but figured I was share what I found. Also, if you happen to work a lot on Google […]

Google Gets Into the Social Game with Google Buzz

Did anyone else see the news about Google Buzz and feel a massive sense of closure? The lack of a comprehensive social networking tool always felt like a huge hole in Google’s armoury, but it was only a matter of time before they entered the arena. Rumours were flying round the web earlier this week […]