I love it when I see a company do something unique and inventive to market themselves and their product.

Today I got a knock at the door and was greeted by my local FedEx guy, who had a package containing chocolate covered grasshoppers inside.


I am always a little skeptical when I get food in the mail, especially when it doesn’t say who it is from or have any note, so I decided to Twitter about it and see what people would say.

A few seconds later I got a reply from @grasshopperbuzz, the twitter account for Grasshopper, saying they sent the grasshoppers and providing two links to videos that explain the reason behind the gift.


The first was for a FoxNews story about the marketing campaign from Grasshopper.com.


The second is for their promotional video which explains more about their goal as a company.


Not only did they come out with a good tactic, as chocolate covered grasshoppers are related to their brand, not too extreme, and yet still interesting enough to grab peoples attention, but they also appealed to peoples vanity by announcing that they were only sent to the 5000 most influential people in the US.

So congrats to Grasshopper on a really good campaign and of course… thanks for the snack.


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