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For the last few months, ever since StumbleUpon released their new Beta redesign, I have been plagued by a really weird StumbleUpon toolbar issue.

It seems whenever I visit my inbox on stumbleupon, whether to review friend requests or check messages, my StumbleUpon toolbar starts to freak out and all my FireFox windows lag to a stand still.

During this lag, the ‘Send To’ part of the toolbar jumps to the right and then slowly returns to its normal position.

Here is a video capture I took of the toolbar freaking out. You can get an idea of the lag it causes by how slowly the bar is jumping to the right and back.


Even after exiting the inbox section and closing down any StumbleUpon pages, it can take up to 10 minutes before my browser goes back to normal.

I asked a few other StumbleUpon users, but no one seems to be experiencing the same problem as I have been having.

I am curious whether this is some sort of tracking or data collection that they are doing with their toolbar.

Seriously though StumbleUpon, what the hell are you doing to my browser?

EDIT: I had a few conversations with the people working on the toolbar and they are aware of the problem. They released a Beta version of the toolbar, which fixed the problem for about a week before I was hit with the lag again.So at least they admit it is a problem and they are working to fix it.

Anyone else affected by this weird Toolbar lag?

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