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I will be updating this post as i get new screens and information.

Almost 2 weeks ago Todd Malicoat and myself got the chance to visit Digg and test out the features that are being released as i type.

Right from the start you will notice two things. There is a combined section to show all forms of media in one view, as mentioned on the Digg Blog. Secondly, there is a much larger focus on the friends and profiles within Digg.

I see a lot of posts with new pictures that just are not new. All except the Breadcrumbs and the combined media pages have not yet been shown to the public.




You will also notice the difference in the way the articles are ordered. The site now comes before the description and there are some new graphics. You will also note that you will only see the bury button if you have not dugg an article and you can now bury without giving a reason.



Also you can see that the video submissions have started to show in the Hot in All Topics list as well with a nice little icon.


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