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Digg has had quite a bit of criticism over the years about the design and functionality of their comments section.

This is probably why they have managed to change their comments design in about every major release they have made, including the newest revamp released today.



The newest changes, as you can see below, actually appears to have taken a step or two backwards in functionality.


The first major change is in the design. Digg has stepped back from the clunky, top to bottom loading, threaded comments to a more simple stacking setup.

They have also made the User, the vote/bury counts, and the “Dugg by friends” indicators all grayscale. This makes them blend with the comments themselves and made it a little difficult to read personally.

Edit: It turns out the above change was not actually a design change at all, but a bug that hit the site. The bug has been fixed and comments are back to their normal design and funtionality again.

I guess that is our curse for being so quick to notice and blog about any changes in the top social communities.


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