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About a year ago, Digg launched a new version of their comment system which a large number of users were not to happy about.

They introduced the ability to digg or bury individual comments, sorting options based on comment score, making friends comment a greenish hue, the ability to block users, threaded commenting, and a 3 minute window to make edits to your comment before they became permanent.

A few short months after this launch, around June 2007, they launched another changed.

The new changes were even less popular than before as they decided to limit the amount of comments on one page to 50 and hid all the threaded comments behind a link you had to click in order to view them. A quick fix to this issue was the “view all” button that would expand all comments, but that was also removed at some point.

The major complaint with most of the updates have been the loading times and bugs associated with each release.

Today Digg has launched what they probably hope is the real comment section fix that users have been requesting for almost a year now. Good thing is that so far there has been actually less of a delay in the page load time.



As you can see from the image above, opens full screen if you click it, there are quite a few major changes to the comments system.

The voting options, green hue for friends, and threaded comments still exist, but there are some minor changes visually.

The friends that have commented on the story are indicated directly above the comment, instead of near the comments digg and bury buttons.

Additional features allow you to quickly see only your own comments, only your friends comments, and sort all comments by age, vote count, and whether they are controversial or not.

The Good:

  • You now have 5 minutes instead of the old 3 minutes to make edits and changes to your comments.
  • You can easily see your comments or just your friends comments by clicking the appropriate link. Once you enter into either view, a large blue “view all comments” bar appears to take you back to default.
  • When you make your comments, they are now visible immediately instead of having to wait through your edit time.
  • One huge change is the ability to digg a comment, then bury it back to even, then bury it down if you like. No more accidental clicks on the bury when you meant to digg it.
  • Enter no longer makes a new paragraph. It instead just goes to the next line as it should.
  • Comments have more transparency by showing the true number of diggs and buries. You can click the diggs link near the digg and bury buttons to see this information.

  • You can now delete your comments. Once you make a comment you can select the edit button and then click the delete link in the lower right hand corner to remove your post completely.

The Bad (Just one thing so far and minor) :

  • If you want to reply to someones comment, you have to go find the reply button all the way over on the right. Not very visible.
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