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Digg used to be wild and a place of rough and tough diggers, ready to digg all night and day at the expense of the poor local folk.


All that changed when they brought in ol’ Wyatt the Digg Watcher, who would quickly warn you if you were trying to digg too many stories in a 24 hour period.


Well apparently the time of the Digg cowboys is no more, as Digg has let ol’ Wyatt and his 200 diggs within 24 hours restriction retire.


Now Diggers can vote on as many stories as they like, but be warned… some users who have gone back to their wild and reckless digging ways have found their accounts banned.

So I would recommend you keep it below 200 per day to stay safe.

Update #1:

Jen Burton, who works at Digg, just commented the following: “Hey all – Hate to burst any bubbles, but there are still rate limits on Digging in place on the site; we just made a few changes. There is a new limit in place – sorry I’m not able to state it here. Also, note that we may continue to tweak the limits depending on need.”

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