That is right. Digg laid it all out for us in their cozy little office space in San Francisco they recently moved into.

Røten nik Akten Di

After a few snacks and drinks we got our spots and logged into the new platform and got to it.

lsø alsø wik

First you could see right away…

We apologise for the attempt to break Digg’s NDA. Those responsible have been sacked.

So after we got done walking through the changes to the site we jumped right into the Profiles. It was interesting to see how they added the …

The Digglets responsible for sacking the violators of the NDA, wish it to be known that they have just been

So you can tell that clearly Digg has spent quite a bit of time coming up with these great new additions. I was not able to find one negative thing in the changes they were making and genuinely look forward to the coming release.

Got to say thanks to Daniel for taking our SEO point of view in good spirits and for hooking up the Digg swag. Thanks Matt for the invite and we look forward to coming back out to the offices again some time. Thanks Todd for having my back and going in the first place.

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