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Digg went down today for about an hour. When it came back up, I noticed a few minor changes in the site design and also the addition of a new beta feature.

Related by Keyword Beta, which is shown on the article page above the comments, offers other Popular articles containing keywords related to the current one. If you notice, most of the related articles are over 6 months old, which may not be as helpful on a social news site like Digg.

Here is a full screen shot, in case you are not one of the selected people to view it live on the site:

The ‘beta’ button on the upcoming tab was changed from the red square to a gray text, in an effort to slowly fade it out.

Digg also redesigned their article / comments pages.

Old Digg:

New Digg:

The submitter is given a little more focus than before on these pages and enjoys a larger icon than previously shown. Users can also now friend the submitter from the actual article/ comments page, instead of having to click through to their profile.

Hot in Topic boxes have been added to the article / comments page showing the top 10 popular stories for the category the specific submission is in.

If I missed something, please comment below.

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