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I know i tend to talk a lot about but it is one of the networks i use the most.

This morning i had my coffee in hand and was sitting down to do some morning submissions when i noticed i had one in the upcoming and soon to be front page, i hoped.

World’s Largest Carp at 260 Pounds

So i bounced over to the upcoming section with 54 votes on the submission and doing well.


I noticed it got another digg and was sitting at 55 and decided to peak at some of the comments as it was an interesting submission.

I was shocked initially to see that the digg count had decreased to 52. I refreshed thinking it may be cached or a bug and it was at 50 but the time now updated as well. So it is no longer a cache issue but i decided to grab a screen shot and refresh again.


As i was sort of expecting but afraid would happen, the digg count was even lower to 48.


The submission has since not returned to its correct digg count and has worked its way back up to 52 diggs but just so happens the time is past 24 hours now and so it has no shot for a front page.

The point is not that it didn’t go to the front page but rather that is seems more testing or mechanisms are being used to stop certain submissions from going to the front page. That is my true concern and issue. What is digg doing and why have they done more and more to take the decision to have an article go to the front page out of the users hands.

Now recently i have seen a few submissions of mine that where climbing the upcoming section all of a sudden go poof. These submission have no negative comments and are not spam or lame yet they end up disappearing off the upcoming list completely and without any buries, i watch in digg spy.

I have mentioned this with some friends of mine who are also heavy digg users and they have said they see the same thing a lot more lately.

Every day more and more choices are made for us on digg and that is annoying. If an article gets no buries and enough diggs to go to the front page then it should go there.

Trust me… if it is spam we will bury the crap away.

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