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Digg the Candidates is a brand new section that launched about 5 seconds ago on and can be viewed at


About Digg The Candidates

You can now check out the 2008 presidential candidates profiles on Digg! Add your favorite candidates as a friend to show support, and to see all their Digging activity in your friends’ activity feed. Many of them will be Digging, commenting and even submitting content.

On the Digg the Candidate’s main page you will see a star next to each article by each candidate’s name, this article is the candidate’s most recent favorite. When you add a candidate as a friend, a box will also be created on your profile showing which candidates you have added.

The section includes each candidates profile picture, their most recent favorite submission, and how many friends they have.


Of course there is also the recent popular stories from the election category in Digg located on the right hand side so you can keep up to date with what is happening with politics on Digg.


You might notice some candidates are missing such as Hilary Clinton.

Digg comments:

This page is a work in progress. There will be changes made as we receive updates from the candidates. We will also be making changes as candidates leave the race as well as following the primaries.

Digg Blog has some comments on the section as well.

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