On October 28th, TechCrunch released a screenshot of the new Digg Trend feature they had acquired.


Digg Trending ‘identifies and highlights upcoming stories that have a high volume of activity (think Diggs, comments, favorites, shares, etc.). When we detect a new trending story, it will appear on the homepage for ten minutes. Based on the Digg and bury activity in those ten minutes the story will either become popular or not.’

Today they ran the first live test of the system on the Digg homepage, asking Digg users to help decide if the suggested story should be on the homepage or not?


After casting your vote, you can wait for the time to run out to see if the story made it to the front page or not.


Unfortunately, the above story did not make it to the front page and users were provided a message to the same effect.

It is not clear just how often a trending story will be selected to reach the front page, but since it stays there for 10 minutes and Digg updates it’s homepage every 10 minutes, it stands to reason that the intention is for it to be a permanent addition to the homepage, so long as the users end up liking it.

Feedback from users on the new feature is still premature, but many people already feel this new feature, with its accompanying twitter feed, will only strengthen existing bury brigade efforts.

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