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Kevin Rose recently spoke in a surprisingly open manner regarding the site’s upcoming changes, and admitting Digg is in major need of an overhaul.

“We’re making some drastic changes, but they’re much-needed drastic changes,” he admits, going on to warn Digg purists that they should brace themselves for the new Digg; “People are going to be shocked at some of the directions we’re taking. You have to be comfortable with completely tearing down and throwing away a bunch of ideas.”

While this kind of talk may worry those who have been Diggers since its inception, some see the site as rather old-school in terms of its approach to spreading information. This fact is not lost on Rose, as he notes that the web isn’t what it was when Digg was founded, and people now have much more control over their own internet footprint.

Those following Digg in the news as of late will likely not be surprised by the tone of this interview, as new features and adjustments to Digg’s formula have popped up here and there. It’s refreshing to see Digg recognize the changing internet landscape, but I hope they don’t go overboard trying to be more like Twitter and Facebook.

And, if a new, better Digg is on the horizon, well… we will just have to embrace it.

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