Many might have noticed by now that your “Shout All” feature is not working any more. Well that is unless you happen to have less than about 20 mutual friends that is.

While Digg had everyone Cheering for the release of the long anticipated “Images” section, they took a small stab at Shout spammers as well.

If you noticed or not, Digg has limited the number of users you can shout to at one time in an effort to do away with some Shout spammers. You should be able to play with the system a little and figure out how many you can shout to at one time before it stops letting you send anything at all.

* You can safely send up to 20 Shouts at a time.

* Note that if you keep the same text message sent with the shout. They will group all the shouts as a single shout in your profile and you will not be asked to slow down.

I for one am happy to see them quietly stop some of the spammers. My shout intake has significantly reduced and I am a much happier digger.

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