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I think there is very few people in the tech industry who do not know who Kevin Rose is, but just in case you don’t… He created, Pounce, WeFollow, Revision3, and most recently Milk, which appears to be a web app company.

Not to mention being an investor and/or adviser to, Six Apart, Chomp, Path, Zynga, and quite a few other companies.

Needless to say Kevin Rose is a serial entrepreneur, which explains why he has such a passion for entrepreneurs and how they came to launch the companies they did. This passionate inevitably lead to his launching Foundation, which is a collection of interviews that Kevin holds with tech industry visionaries to discuss their lives and work.

Everyone from Jack Dorsey, who created Twitter and co-founded Square, to Tim Ferris, author of the famous 4-Hour Workweek, spend a good amount of time talking with Kevin not only about their companies, but also about themselves and where they are from.

Episode 1: Jack Dorsey

Episode 15: Tim Ferriss

The project is still relatively new, as even the about page has lorum ipsum and ‘dummy copy’. Apparently Kevin also went through quite a few domain selections ( and before settling (for the moment) on, a Korean tld, which would seem to represent the initials for his name.

I am very impressed with the interview series, as Kevin definitely has a gift for getting some of leading entrepreneurs in the tech space to open up and talk more personally. I have learned quite a bit from the series and would recommend you head over to Foundation, follow their Twitter, Facebook, and sign up for the newsletter.


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