Select Page, the second largest social media site, in my opinion, on the web today is probably the hardest to get into and succeed with. In many cases this is due to the way they have their friends system setup.

In Reddit, when someone friends you, there is no way to really find out. You get no message or notice of any sort. There is only two things that happen when you friend someone and they are subtle enough you may not even notice.

First, the person you friend will have their name bold and red to you on any page you see their submissions or comments.

Secondly, you will find their submissions and comments in Reddit’s Friends Sub-domain.

Wondering a little about what the friends section on Reddit is or how you can find it? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have spoken with many avid Reddit users who had no idea the section even existed.

All you need to do is simply type in and you will be taken to a special version of Reddit where all the submissions you see are only from those people you have friended.

Test it out. Go and friend me at this url – and then head over to and you will see all my activities. From here you can view and vote for all your friends stuff in one spot.

Of course you still have to get all those wonderful Reddit users to add you to their friends so they can see your submissions in their personal friends section.

At least now you know about Reddit’s Friends Section.

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