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Yesterday I noticed, as I am sure a number of people noticed, that Digg was requiring me to enter a captcha to comment or shout on the site.

Now before you get upset or mad about seeing a captcha on your Digg comments or shouts, remember that captcha is not new to Digg and if they had wanted to inforce a captcha on the entire site then they could have done so from day one.

One thing that has become out of control is the mass shout spamming that has taken over on Digg.

So more likely than not, this is not a new site wide change for all user but actually a new spam prevention mechanism that has turned into one of the many Digg bugs.

I am sure you will find that if you are seen or percieved as a spammer by Digg, then this will never go away for you. However, I seriously doubt the rest of you good, rule abiding, users will see the captcha for long.

So good job Digg on attempting to attack the spam problem on Digg, but screw you for messing up a simple update again…

EDIT: Digg has popped an Admin’s message on the site.

So it was just a bug on comments… but what about the shouts?

EDIT: Bug is now fixed

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