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I always enjoy conferences, but IM Spring Break was by far the most fun I have had at a conference in years.

It was not because there was some crazy parties or because I got some really awesome contracts from speaking… Rather, it was how simple the entire event was, how engaging the networking parties were, and how easy it was to find yourself 4 hours into a big roundtable without even knowing it.

There was no rush to gather and go anywhere, nor did I have to meet someone, only to say “sorry but I have to run out.” When I got to meet awesome people, like Missy Ward, we were able to spend hours talking without interruption. (You still owe me $5 Missy 😉

The sessions were very laid back and informative, and I took more notes than I did at my very first conference as an attendee.

I spoke on two panels: Creating Content for Social Media with Kenny Hyder and Greg Finn, and Link Building with Rae Hoffman and Wil Reynolds.

As promised, here are the slides for both of my presentations. Unfortunately, I tend to only use slides as a visual aid, so they might not pass on the full value.

Creating Content for Social Media:




If you didn’t make it to IM Spring Break, then I would really recommend you make it to the next one or Scary SEO, which is put on by the same people. It was definitely worth attending and I will be be trying to make all of them that I can.

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