You have a great story you have found and you want to submit it to Reddit. So you go over and enter in the url and title like you have 100 times before and submit the story so others can enjoy it.


What if your submission was never shown to another user?

There is a different sort of ban on Reddit than you are used to. It is the 0 point ban. Normally when you submit a story on Reddit your submission will get 1 point, similar to 1 digg on When you have the 0 point ban, it doesn’t award your submission a point even though you have voted on it.

Pretty slick if you think about it. When you get a message saying you or the domain is banned, you can then know immediately to make a new account or find a new domain. If you are never aware of it then they actually can cut down on the overall bad they are trying to keep out.

Outside of being an indicator, the 0 point doesnt matter as the default setting is to show posts with -4 or better votes. What that means is that even if you go out and get a few up votes on the submission it will stay remain hidden to the public system.

You jump over to the “new” tab and check to see if the article is visible, but it is not there. I have seen slow servers on Digg so i waited for about 5 minutes while refreshing often, yet still nothing ever showed up.

Click on your overview tab and you can see that the article is indeed in the system but only visible to you.

Additionally the same thing happens when you try to submit a domain that has been banned.

So you have to check two things when you notice a 0 point ban. You have to check if it is the domain or if it is the account that is being penalized.

Test it out and see if the account you thought was rocking away on Reddit was actually worthless and a huge waste of your time.

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