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If you are active in social media marketing, you have probably come to understand that it is a whole lot more complicated than you thought it was going to be. Even as involved as I am in social media every day, I still learn new tricks and tactics daily.

Social Media Marketing is not just submitting a page from your site to a social media community and hoping it succeeds. It is about really learning the process and developing a complete strategy that gives you the highest possible chance of success within any given social media community.

Success requires you research the community you are going to submit to, create really good content, have a good power user to submit and push your content, and last but not least, you need a quality site to put your content on.

Most conversations today focus so much on content and who is submitting it, that people often forget that your site can be one of the biggest factors of success or failure in social media.

Last Wednesday, Search Engine Land published my latest column in the “Let’s Get Social” section entitled: “Is Your Site Social Media Friendly“. In this article I went through the most important things to consider when making your site more effective in social media marketing.

Even if you have great content, your campaign can still fail if people look at your site and think it looks spammy or too commercial. Additionally, you will have a hard time getting any real power users to submit your content if the site isn’t right for social media. .

Image and impression is essential in business, whether it be online or off line. So make sure your site represents an impression that social media users will accept and support.

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