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Over the last 6 months there has been an amazing growth in the use of Twitter. It has gone from something that people thought had no value to something almost everyone is using on a daily basis.

With that increased popularity we have seen the release of numerous Twitter tools and applications. There are complete Twitter solutions for your desktop and mobile phones, sites that act as a Twitter search engine, and tools to show you various user stats.

The one thing that has really been lacking is a tool that would help marketers manage their Twitter accounts and campaigns.

Their was a few tools like TwitterAdder, which currently isn’t working, that would allow you to add up to 20 random users to your account with the press of a button. However, these tools, and tools like it, required you to give up your account details and didn’t offer any ability to choose who you were adding.

Finally a tool has come along that helps marketers build their accounts quicker and more effective.

Tweet Pro, developed by Cesar Serna at Soxialize, a Social Media Software company, gives marketers the ability to search Twitter in many different ways to identify potential friends and then add them.

“Tweet Pro allows you to quickly and easily find Twitter users who share your same interest by allowing you to search through posted messages and profile information. Using this software you can be following people all over the world who share your same interest in minutes.”

One of the things I like about the program is that it adds the users you want to friend to a que and then adds them over time. This way you don’t look like some spammer to Twitter.

Here is a screen shot of the software, which is pretty self explanatory:

Another awesome thing about this specific tool is the ability to see how many people the user is following and how many followers they have. This will help you from adding people that are clearly not reading what their group has to say.

Tweet Pro is a must have for anyone seriously using Twitter for marketing and for a low $20 bucks a month, you cannot go wrong.

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