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Recently we did a post about the New Reddit UI and Features they were working on. At the time we did not have a solid launch date but knew the launch would be on

Today the new beta officially launched for users to have a chance to test it and provide feedback.

Some initial comments have been rolling in here – and

Although we covered some of the new features and provided some cool screen shots in our previous post, we noticed a few new features today:

1. There has always been two types of Karma on Reddit, an overall karma as well as a comment karma. Now you can view both of these karma scores for any user in their profile page.


You can also see how long a user has been a member on their profile page as well.

2. When you go to the comments page for any submission, you will now see the current point score and how many up and down votes the story has received in a small gray box to the right.


The related and comments tabs have also moved over into the small gray box and off the page.

All in all, the new Reddit UI is very slick and friendly. I have not seen any changes that I would consider negative at all.

If you are not currently using Reddit, then you are really missing out. Of all the social news sites out there, Reddit is by far my favorite and I would recommend you check it out.

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