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Aaron Wall is back at it again with a PPC Training community named After the great success of the SEO Book community over the past few years he has teamed up with Geordie Carswell, a well respected expert in PPC marketing community, to create an in-depth training suite and community that not only covers the common search engine paid platforms, but also the upcoming social paid platforms.

The PPC training modules are some of the best we have come across in years. They provide in-depth knowledge on how to effectively use paid ads. One of the huge benefits of the system is the expert advice you receive from the seasoned members of the PPC industry. Most times people will need to go to many conferences, read many articles, and then figure out which tactics hold water and which ones don’t. At the same time, you end up losing valuable time and money trying out all these tactics.

The tools they provide are some the best and most effective in crafting and maintaining a profitable paid ad campaign.

Below we will go through some of the features that stood out to us, some of the great aspects of the user community, and the helpful tools they provide all in one location.

PPC Training

The PPC training module starts off with an overview of the various paid ad networks. One mistake that we have noticed with many companies using PPC for the first time is the lack of understanding when it comes to which network will help them in meeting their goals. Due to the lack understanding they end up burning through a lot their budget with zero return.

Aaron and Geordie give you a brief overview of the various networks but also provide well written training guides for each network expressing the pros and cons of each.

Another huge hassle of becoming a PPC expert is finding a clear explanation of the different features and concepts surrounding PPC marketing. Aaron & Geordie do a great job explaining these aspects via their audio interviews.

They even provide members with a glossary to look up the various terms associated with paid advertising, so they have better understanding of what everything does.

Below you can see how each type of paid advertising on the popular networks are sectioned off into separate learning modules. This makes it simple to focus your learning efforts on a specific module that relates to the network you may be working with.

Over the past few years, we have seen a massive growth in Google Adwords. From the size and reach of their network to the complexity of the paid ad algorithm. With so many aspects to this network it makes it very hard to figure out where to focus your energy.

PPC Blog provides one of the most indepth break downs of all these factos with very clear and concise explanations. Below you can see a sameple of the type information their modules provide.

The modules help to break down important things like how to properly setup a campaign. Something many people don’t take into consideration when starting a paid marketing campaign.

They provide you with all the rules and regulations of the Google PPC network in simple terms. This can save you a lot of time and money, especially if you make a mistake that bans your domain completely.

With all the buzz around affiliate marketing, and the growing number of online purchases. Many entrepreneurs have turned to affiliate sales. Since the space is so competitive in terms of organic rankings, more and more people have been trying to use PPC for quick exposure and traffic. But did you know the Google has specific rules affiliates? Well PPC Blog gives you in-depth explanation of what you can and cannot do as an affiliate.

We mentioned this before but one of the most important aspects of PPC is picking the right keywords. If you do this part wrong, you face over spending your budget, not attracting the demographic you’re targeting, and overall failure in meeting your goals for PPC marketing.

Aaron and Geordie make it simple with an entire section devoted to understanding keyword research.

Another aspect overlooked by new PPC marketers (and some old ones) are good landing pages. So you have picked the right keywords, the traffic is flowing but you’re seeing little to no return because people don’t know where to click to purchase your service or product because your dropping them on your homepage.

PPC Blog goes into how to build and maintain great landing pages so you can convert all your paid traffic.

Want to know the quickest way to burn through your monthly budget? Overbid on keywords.  Many new people think bidding is simple, just bid more than the other guy. But that is wrong; there is a science to bidding which PPC Blog breaks down in the section below.

The most feared aspect of the Google PPC network is the Google content network. Many marketers will tell you this is death to a small budget. But truthfully if you know how to use it and theme your campaigns correctly, you can see a better return on this networks versus SERP advertising only. The problem is getting a clear understanding of how to create a campaign that will work well on this network.

PPC Blog has solved this issue with an entire section devoted to how to use Google’s content network. They go over to how to craft a great campaign and how to target your demographic for the highest returns.

PPC Tools

PPC Tools are all over the place, but there aren’t any ratings or tangible metrics to measure which tools will help you the most with PPC advertising. Aaron (an expert SEO Tool creator) and Geordie (an expert PPC marketer) went through their personal collection and based on their experiences, created a massive list of very useful tools housed in one location.

They provide great explanations on how to use them effectively and why you need them.

Below you can see small sampling of what they have available to their users:

Even more awesome tools PPC Blog provides to its users, it on help full section.  The tools range from Competitor research to Bid management.

Beyond Google Adwords Training

Google might hold 70%+ of the search engine market but they are the only ones out there. Aaron and Geordie have created separate training modules for the top paid platforms. Below is small sample of the sites they cover.

Microsoft’s Bing has been up and coming since its release last year. Slowly they have taken some of the Google search market share. They also provide their own paid ad platform.  PPC Blog explains how it works, the benefits of using this network, and how you can take advantage of it.

Social Advertising has exploded on the PPC scene with huge benefits in terms of return and the ability to target your demographic down to their favorite toothpaste by using the data collected from their social profiles.

Facebook Advertising is one of the largest and most successful social advertising platforms on the internet. With over 400+ Million users and the ability to target a user based on their favorite books, groups they’re members of, schools they attended, marital status, and location; an advertiser can make sure their ad drives the highest quality users. This will always bring a higher return then just a person searching for a keyword.

Need to target a younger audience, then MySpace Ads maybe the network. PPC Blog gives you in-depth break down of their services and benefits it provides. Take a look below.

PPC Community

The PPC community is very impressive. Not only can you jump in and discuss your issues or questions but Geordie is roaming around answering users’ questions. Where else can you get that kind of help? Below you can see the various sections inside the PPC Community.

You are asked to introduce yourself in the introductions forum. As you can see below they have user from all over the world. This is a huge benefit since the internet is global and gives you the ability to speak with other PPC marketers in various countries which will allow you gain insight into other markets.

They have section where you can have other PPC marketers review your landing pages and provide feedback on how to improve it.

Some people have a tough time writing compelling ad copy but fear not; the PPC community can review your ads and help you craft something that will work for you.

PPC Community has an entire section devoted to Google Adwords.

Have questions about the keyword research, tracking, and split testing your ads? They have that covered also.


Aaron and Geordie have done a great job in creating in-depth learning modules going over all the aspects of PPC marketing. They make it clear and easy to digest. They have provided their users with some powerful tools and the knowledge on how to use those tools to effectively improve your PPC marketing. The community they are building at PPC Blog is spectacular, especially with Geordie personally answering users’ questions and giving out expert advice.

Great work Aaron and Geordie!

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