Ahhh the idea of wonderful Las Vegas is already filling my dreams. Awesome food, great shows, free drinks everywhere, Gambling, and of course hanging out with tons of online marketers at one of the years biggest search marketing conferences… Pubcon. (I will be speaking on Wed at 11:35am on social media in a site clinic session so come by if you have any questions you want to ask.)

Conferences in Las Vegas are always interesting. The area is so large that most people get spread out and typical bar networking is not as realistic.

Dont worry though, there will be one event that is destined to have a ton of great people ready to network and possibly take all your money.

Come join me and everyone else at The Purposeinc 2007 SEO Texas Holdem Charity Poker Tournament.


The Poker Tournament at Pubcon Las Vegas will take place on Thursday night at 9:00pm at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino right on the strip, two hotels down from the Wynn.

There is a $50 registration that can be done online through this link. It is important to note that this is just to be entered into the tournament and reserve a seat. You must pay $150 to play. $110 of that goes into the pot for the prize money and $40 goes to the casino.

If you are one of the lucky few you might be able to win a seat in the tournament. Pat Sexton is offering up 3 seats in the tournament as a part of a content he is running. You can read more about it here – Link

All in all it looks to be a great event with a lot of familiar faces and names such as Neil Patel, The BOTW crew, Jim Boykin, Marcus Tandler, and many more.

Facebook users can check out a group created just for this event here – Link

I look forward to seeing you all there so go and register now… Drinks are free and you get a free shirt, so make this one event you don’t miss.

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