We have all known Propeller has been dying, ever since they redesigned their site, banned people just for being marketers, and got rid of most of their good Navigators, but it really sunk in today when I visited the site for the first time in months.

The front page looked more like an upcoming page, with almost all the topics having 1 to 3 vote and being almost completely spam.

However, it struck me that Propeller was REALLY DEAD, when I saw this article on the front page with only 3 votes and still there after almost 3 hours.

It is clear that what was once hailed as a possible Digg-killer is now completely abandoned, which is something TechCrunch predicted in their post from 2007:

“I’ve heard some unconfirmed reports that since the initial announcement the site has been bleeding staff and contributors as well; I give it 12 months max, or AOL flogging Propeller off during this time for a fairly low sum.”

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