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QGYH2, Reddit’s most active member, reached a monumental achievement this week by receiving an amazing 100,000 karma level on Reddit. A feat so big that Reddit even recognized the user by adding qgyh2 (100,000) to the Reddit logo in the upper left hand corner if their site.


Karma is one of the only metrics of personal success that is tracked on Reddit and identifies the overall quality of the content that has been submitted by a user.

Karma is defined by Reddit as:

The formula for karma is constantly evolving (or, being intelligently redesigned, if you’d prefer). Presently, the easiest (and most effective) way to gain karma is by making good submissions: items that other people want to read and will subsequently become popular. Those redditors who best understand what people want to be reading about will be the best rewarded.

As you can see from this list of users based on their karma, QGYH2’s 100,000 karma record almost doubles everyone else on the site since Reddit launched.


We would like to congratulate QGYH2 for achieving such great success with Reddit.

QGYH2 had this to say about reaching the 100,000 karma mark:

“well I’m touched and honored.. this doesn’t happen to me in real life as my existence is boring. So I sincerely thank team reddit and all the people here (at Reddit) – I enjoy spending time submitting to reddit even though I submit a bit too much!”

QGYH2 has also recently made the jump into Digg, and is already climbing up the charts to one day possibly have the most front page articles, which is the measured metric for success on Digg.

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