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Recently, I wrote an article about creating higher quality content for social media to help increase your chance of success.

I have always stated that I believe social media is by far the quickest and most effective way to link build and promote your content online today. No other place can provide you the exposure you need to get natural and authoritative links, like social media can. However, if you do not have quality content then you are not likely to get the quality links you desire, even if you do get to the front page of a top social community.

Quality content is very important, but it is also not the only factor to consider when preparing and pushing your social media campaign. You need to consider which category your submitting to, what time of day it is, and which day of the week you submit.

For instance, you almost never want to submit or push a social media campaign on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. The people who are likely to link to you or help your submission get promoted, are less likely to be online during these times. You want to submit during a time period that most people are likely to be at work.


The full article over at Search Engine Land called “From SEO To Social Media: Content Is Still King“, has tips about many of these considerations. One of the most important is preparing your title and content to support using your desired keyword when another blogger or webmaster decides to link to you.

Provide a nice summary paragraph as an introduction and throw in a few good sentences or quotes that people can easily use when linking to, or writing about, your article. Make your title relevant to your content so it is easily used as the link anchor text.

Research the social sites you are going to be submitting to and find a balance between what is popular and grabbing for their readers, and the terms you want to have in the inbound links you get.


Dan Zarrella recently released the findings of an in depth study he did into Digg, one of the largest social communities, and how many links submissions received based on various components like keyword in title, keyword in description, time of day, category, and much more.

He also released a few tools to allow users to enter in their desire keyword phrases and see how those words performed in the past for acquiring links from successful Digg front page stories. You can also download the tool as a WordPress plugin, to use on your sites.


Although the tools are pretty informative and provide some decent information on social linking trends, it does not take into account some important aspects, such as the authority of the domain submitted, whether the story was popular in current events, and how well the content was written. These are all issues I have talked with Dan extensively and he is working to provide in future releases and updates to the tools and reports.

Taking the time to research, plan, and create a good social media campaign is often the difference between a success or complete failure.

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