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Really hard core Reddit fans might remember when a site called was launched with Reddit’s platform and some design overhauls.

Well as you can see by the activity off the front page, it was not a huge success and was really niche in it’s target audience.

“We thought the lipstick brand was too geared toward women and men who wear lipstick. As a man who doesn’t wear lipstick, but is curious about Natalie Portman’s dating habits, I personally wanted a site that was less pigeonholing.” – Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit

With Reddit’s somewhat recent launch of subreddits and the ability to redesign them any way you like, they decided to move the crowd and the subreddit /gossip/ to their new home at

“The important thing for us was to create a new vertical that was totally unrelated to the existing Reddit network. Celebrity gossip was about as unrelated as we could get, as you pointed out by the low subscription count.

The goal with WeHeartGossip is to create a standalone site; subscription count isn’t a focus, traffic is. That, and Devendra Banhart — I can’t believe Nat is dating him…” – Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit

I never really thought about whether the Reddit alien was a boy or girl, but it struck me as a little ackward seeing it dressed in woman’s clothing.

Of course Alexis assures me “the alien has no identifiable sex as it’s from the future” and even points out that it was dressed as a girl once before in February of 2007.

Lipstick users should find that their accounts on have been ported over to Reddit’s database and already existing Reddit users can use the new site without having to register again.

So if you have something celebrity or gossip related, head over and check out

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