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There has long been a sort of rivalry between the Reddit and Digg audiences.

Each feeling that their community is more mature and all around better than the other, even though a large number of members actually use both sites.

The most recent attack comes from one specific Reddit cartoon that made it popular on both Reddit and Digg.


It was almost 2 years ago when the first “Digg vs. Reddit” fight was created, in which Reddit completely dominated Digg. The challenge made it to the popular section on both sites in case you were thinking it didn’t get enough visibility to one specific community.


About 6 months ago, the Digg vs. Reddit fight was relaunched, and again it made it to the popular sections of both sites. This time the battle was not so one sided, with Reddit beating Digg by only a small margin.


One common point that seems to come out of every Digg vs. Reddit article, is that Reddit is better than Digg, which I have to agree with.

The battle between communities doesn’t really carry over to the actual founders, but if you were to ever actually put Alexis, from Reddit, against Kevin, from Digg, I would have to put my money on Alexis any day.


Garrett from StumbleUpon just looks pissed no one has included them in the fight.

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