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Some users on Reddit have noticed the inclusion of “Sponsored Links” on

As you can see from the image above, the “sponsored links” are clearly indicated as such and have a light blue background behind them.

We spoke with Alexis from Reddit about the addition and he has this to say:

“We’re testing sponsored links in the box where random fresh links have been appearing for the last few months. These sponsored links will be indicated with a blue background and the words ‘sponsored link’ (not unlike in Google search results). That particular link happens to be a Wired article we randomly chose.”

There should be a blog post coming out soon from Reddit about the change and we will update this with the link as soon as it is published.

The only other social aggregation site to offer a paid service has been StumbleUpon, which allows you to pay $.05 for every time a individual page is shown to a StumbleUpon user.

We are pretty sure that Reddit will have a thorough approval process for allowing sites to get into their sponsored program.

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