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Today, May 26, 2008, we celebrate two things here in San Francisco: Memorial Day and Reddit’s launch of its highly anticipated redesign of

I am not sure how many people noticed the Reddit logo yesterday, but it showed the Reddit alien, whose name I am sworn to keep secret, painting its background a lovely shade of light blue. The same shade that the new design has for a navigational background as seen below.

There are many changes that the new design brings, but I won’t go into them in this post as I have already discussed them at length “here” and “here“.

There is only one major change mentioned since the last design update and that is the ability for users that liked the old format of Reddit to select a compressed view in their preferences.

Once selected the links will show compressed, similar to how they were before the redesign.

Here are some pictures, click below image to see full screen, of how the new design will look with the compressed links option selected:

Of course even if you do decide to selected the compressed view, you still will get all the other great features that come with this redesign.

One additional point we didn’t mention before that the new design adds:

  • Readers without accounts or not logged in, can now change to whatever language they desire by clicking the “English” link in the upper right hand corner.

  • There is a new mobile version of Reddit available at

Check out the following posts we did this month that explain all the changes in more detail. Not everything has been included in this release as we are still set to see momentum arrows, profile pages, and a friends page link added at a later date.

New Reddit UI and Features Leaked

Reddit Redesigns the Redesign Based on User Feedback

I am very proud to have worked with Reddit on the new redesign. The whole crew is always really open to feedback and actually takes the time to listen to their users.

So if you have not really taken the time to jump in and give Reddit a chance, then head over and make an account. It is by far one of the best social media sites on the web.

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