If you listen to me speak or read my blog often enough, then you know that I am a huge supporter of Reddit, one of the largest social news sites on the web.

I have regularly reviewed new features, and had the chance to test and provide feedback before they go live on the site.

Yet even after knowing the guys for a while now and getting a little better look at the inner workings of the site than most, I still learn something new about Reddit on a regular basis.

For instance… you would be amazed at how many various url structures will show you different and interesting ways to view content within Reddit.


Here are some cool ones to try:

Note that if used in a specific reddit (such as /socialmedia) then they are applied to that reddit only, but if used on the main Reddit.com url, then all subscribed reddits will be included.


Add “/toplinks” to any section and you will see only the submissions that made it to the number 1 spot on Reddit.com.


Add “/randomrising” to any section and get a complete page of random submissions that are rising in the specific category. This is a great way to find really fresh and popular content in a given category.

*Note that the title of the page when using this feature suggest “you’re really bored now, eh?”


Add “/comments” to any section and see all the comments from that section.


Simply append “.rss” to the end of any section and you will be provided the RSS feed for it.


The “/all” section allows you to see submissions from every single Reddit at once. If you just want to see the most popular content on the entire site, without having to subscribe to them all, then this is the best way to do it.

*Reddit.com only shows the top 10 Reddits to a user who is logged out and only your subscribed reddits when logged in.


If you just love reading comments, you can add the “/comments” above to the “/all/” section to see comments for the entire site.


Want to see a list of all submissions from a single domain, then visit “http://www.reddit.com/domain/yoursite.com”.

Did I miss any that you know about? Please comment below and let me know.

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