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I mentioned a few weeks ago that after some conversations with Reddit, they decided to finally produce some onesies for their online store. The plan had to someday add them, but with my son Chase on the way, they decided to go ahead and get them done sooner than later.

I got the first onesie, a little in advance, about a week ago. It took me a little bit to find Chase in a good enough mood to be a model, but we finally got the pictures taken.

Without further delay, here are some pictures of the new Reddit onesies, worn by the very first Baby Redditor:


One of the things I was not able to discuss in the first post, but am able to do so now is the back of the onesies. Each onesie has the first Baby Redditor’s username on the back: wee_reddit (1).


Here is the picture that was finally selected for use on the Reddit store, which will be on XKCD from now on:


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