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In social media, we are always talking about finding a way to take your service or product, and make it into something that is viral and will appeal to the majority of online users.

SEO Rapper, aka Chuck the “Poetic Prophet”, has done just that by taking his knowledge of SEO and putting it into a series of rap videos.


Mo Serious TV is a collection of videos based on the thoughts by me, Chuck; aka the Poetic Prophet, aka The SEO Rapper. Mo Serious is my entertainment company based in Houston TX.

It is important to note that the production of the video and the lyrics in the song, are of high quality. It is obvious that time and thought went into creating these videos and that is what will make them so viral and successful. Quality Content again is one of the most important parts to a good viral marketing campaign.

SEO Rapper’s latest video has very quickly made it around the industry and the web. It was covered recently in a article, as well as some other sites like Neatorama, Hackszine, and tons of other sites.

We actually got a chance to bump into Chuck while he was representing Poplabs during SES New York 2008 at the BOTW and IM-NY charity event. Marcus Tandler and Chuck battled live on Jason Calcanis’s qik video broadcast and it was a great spectacle to witness.

Chuck definitely gets props from me on this great viral marketing concept. Make sure you check out the full collection of videos at Mo Serious TV.

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