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Oktoberfest is one of the world’s biggest events, and with this year being the 200th anniversary, there was a reported 1 million people in attendance on just our first day there. I think it goes without saying that we had a great time, filled with loud music, awesome friends, tons of beer, and many many beautiful women.

However, what really surprised me this year, was how much I learned. Most people think SEOktoberfest is purely drinking and partying, and although that is definitely a part of the event, there is a ton of information that is shared and learned during the conference elements of the event. People like Dave Naylor, the most reputable SEO in all of the UK, Robert Hansen, world renown hacker and writer of the legendary Slowloris, and Greg Boser, who is without question one of the most respected SEOs on the planet, shared numerous tricks that really blew my mind.

Of course, that is probably why the event practically sells out before it is announced.

Of course I got a chance to share some social media tricks, and hope it was useful to some. 🙂

Mad props to Marcus Tandler and Philip Brunner, who always work so hard to make the event perfect, which it always is. This year we got to visit Vice, which is on of the hottest clubs in Munich, and it was an amazing place.

To the entire SEOktoberfest crew, I love you all!

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