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Every year, in the later part of September, Munich hosts the largest festival in the world called Oktoberfest.

Over 6 million people come together over 16 days to drink, sing, and celebrate in one of the 14 tents assembled throughout Munich.

A close friend of mine Marcus Tandler (Mediadonis) with Quadszilla (SEO Blackhat), decided to put together a small mini-conference during Oktoberfest called SEOktoberfest.

Around 20 people of the top internet minds will spend 2 days sharing ideas and drinking at the table reserved in the Hippodrom, considered one of the trendiest tents in Munich.

It is an honor to be invited as one of the experts at SEOktoberfest, as well as experience Oktoberfest in one of the hottest tents in Munich.

Confirmed attendees for SEOktoberfest are Joost de Valk (Yoast), Bob Rains (Let’s Make It Awesome), and Brian Clark (Copyblogger).

Edit: Just in… Greg and Barbara Boser (3 Dog Media), as well as Dax (BiggNuts), have also confirmed they are attending SEOktoberfest.


Wish me luck…

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