Last month I posted that I was going to be speaking at SEOktoberfest in Munich. I do not typically do follow up posts on conferences or events, but this specific conference was just that amazing.

By far one of the best trips I have ever been on, SEOktoberfest should definitely make it on your conference dream sheet. I believe they only had 20 available tickets for the initial event, but the organizers have already mentioned thinking about expanding that limit going forward.

The experts list was really impressive including Marcus Tandler, Greg Boser, Barbara Boser, Bob Rains, Quadzilla, Frank Watson, Brian Clark, Martin Sinner, Johannes Beus, and myself.

For about 8 hours on both days of the event, the experts and the attendees gathered in a conference room to discuss various tips, tricks, and online marketing techniques. The attendees were given direct access to ask any questions they had and get completely honest answers on both how things are supposed to be done and then how it is really done.

After the round table sessions, the entire group was off to one of the 14 tents constructed and present in the center of Munich.

The first night we went to Hippodrom, which is one of the hippest of all the tents, and on the second night we went to Armbrustschützenzelt, which was more down to Earth and energetic.

What can you say about being at the world’s largest party in the place where it all began and still continues 175 years later. Singing traditional drinking songs to the sound of live German music and lifting liter mugs of real German beer to the roof with thousands of your fellow man and woman beside you. Eating wonderful traditional food and popping 5-liter bottles of champagne.


It Was Amazing… Of Course.

Not to mention we were accompanied by 5 of the 2007 German Playboy playmates during the entire event and after the tents closed, the entire group was taken to the most elite clubs in Munich.

I have never seen an event or conference better planned and prepared, nor have I ever felt as completely cared for and comfortable traveling internationally as I did at SEOktoberfest.

I really have to take my hat off to Marcus and Quadzilla for deciding to host the event. Thanks to Phillip Brunner for making sure everything went perfectly, thanks to Sami and the drivers for being on call 24/7 to get us anywhere we needed to go, and thanks to Anna Scharl for gathering the lovely playmates to hang out with us.

Video put together by the organizers:


Pictures from SEOktoberfest:

Pictures from the Conference
Pictures from Day 1 @ Hippodrom
Pictures from the Hippodrom Afterparty @ P1 Club
Pictures from Day 2 @ Armbrustschützenzelt
Pictures from the Armbrustschützen Afterparty @ Nachstich / Schrannenhalle

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