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I took the entire year off from conferences in 2011, so that I could focus exclusively on improving and expanding our content promotion capabilities and offerings.

During that time, there have been some pretty massive changes in the social media space, specifically around content marketing (aka social promotion).

You have probably noticed that I am blogging and writing a lot more, and have an entire list of articles yet to write and publish, but I am also going to be speaking a few times this year and attending more conferences.

At SMX West, which is probably the most respected online marketing conference there is, I will be speaking on a panel for the Social Media Clinic, with Chris Bennett and Monica Wright. The session takes place on the last day (March 1, 2012) at 2:30pm.

Social Media Clinic (#smx #34E)
Got questions about how to deal with Google+ Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. We’ve got experts on hand ready to take specific questions from the audience.

Moderator: Monica Wright, Director of Search Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing


Chris Bennett, Founder/Director, 97th Floor
Brent Csutoras, Social Media Consultant, Kairay Media, LLC (@brentcsutoras)

If you have any questions about content marketing at all, please come by and make sure you ask them. I will be happy to help in any way I can.

If you have not already, make sure to register for the event.

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